Getting Conference Approval

We all should and probably are already doing some personal level of on-going training for the roles we have or want to progress to next, getting valuable training from experienced presenters and trainers by attending courses is a great way to gain knowledge, ask questions and learn from their experiences.

ASKING to attend training

With lot’s of these courses or events potentially costing in the high hundreds or thousands (£,000’s) to attend and across multiple days, it can be hard to get your company to sign-off for that level of expenditure and time to attend.

By asking to attend a 1-day , low-cost [but high value] conference such as INSIDE-SQL
the Data Platform London conference in 2016, that is conveniently located close to Liverpool Street Station and multiple Tube and Bus routes

Don’t be afraid to ask, sending them a quick email along these lines maybe is all that is needed to get it approved by your company

“I would like to attend the training session(s) being delivered by industry experts (MVP’s, MCM’s) at this 1-day London “INSIDE-SQL” conference on 14th June 2016, with the tickets costing less than £200, and discounts for both single & group tickets until 13th May, the event website has all the details”

Perhaps even pick and describe one or two session which think could really help you and your team.


Your company needs an invoice for this, that is no problem we have you covered and can provide an invoice for your company, contact us and will issue you an invoice
(Following ticket purchases)



So with the Session Recordings (Conference USB) and attending the LIVE sessions all for a few hundred pounds (or less) it’s a great deal.





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