We have a vibrant SQL Server community in the UK and have many excellent full-day events throughout the year, with the multiple SQLSaturdays, SQL Relays and SQLBits each providing a different experience for the attendees, with the locations spread across the UK providing local events for database professionals, and not to forget the host of many UserGroups who are running their events throughout the year.

We PASS London Chapter @SQLondon also hold such monthly meetings and these along with others throughout the UK cover a broad range and depth of topics, it was noted that most of the sessions are in the 100-300 level (beginner – Intermediate) levels with a lot fewer of the 300-500 level being delivered, we thought that a dedicated session with a longer session time of 90 minutes vs the normal 45-60 minutes would provide a different experience and allow for more the complicated aspects to be covered and questions discussed.

We created our 1 day conference “INSIDE-SQL” to meet the requirements for these ‘Deep-Dives’ and assembled an experienced line-up of MCM’s, MVP’s and other industry experts to deliver these Deep-Dive sessions, each session being recorded for the benefit of attending some sessions live and being able to watch the recordings for those not attended and making this all part of the conference package and extremely LOW Costs.

Is it worth the entrance fee?
With more than 20 hours of session’s from well-known experts, we think it is excellent value , and we have Group tickets also available for those team trainings at great price.

Where is it held?
We have chosen the venue we use for our regular meetings, Skillsmatter CodeNode is a new state-of-the-art technical conference venue, with excellent facilities and situated close to Liverpool Street Station in London.

When is it?
This is on 14th June (Tuesday) , we will also be hosting out our FREE evening session following the day session, we will have some exciting things that we will share in the coming weeks.

What do these sessions cover?
We suggest you check out the schedule for all the details.






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    […] concept for this conference is to have longer, 90 minute, ‘deep-dive’ sessions. The idea is that most UK events there are a large number of beginner and intermediate […]