We have added this FAQ to cover some Questions you might have


Food & Refreshments
Will Food be provided
Both Breakfast (before 1st Session) and Lunch are provided, with refreshements also served in our breaks
(we feed your mind as well as you body.)
I have a special diet request
We will work with you to offer food that meets your dietary needs (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free) but we may have some limitations to this based on the catering company that will be supplying us.
Please contact us to inform us of your requirements, and we can look into this, we ask that this be no less than 5 days before the event.

Laptops & Power?
Naturally this will be entirely your choice, our layout will be a classroom configuration so you will have a desk & power plus great WiFi provided
Remember this is your training day, so come equipped so you can get the maximum from that

Event Sponsors, Will they contact me?
It’s true we will have a some sponsors (it helps keep the tickets costs lower) they generally run a sponsor raffle at conferences,  to obtain your contact details, and you’ll get a chance to win cool prizes, we do ask you talk to them.
Without them it becomes more expensive to run our events.

So Where is the venue?
We have a section on the main menu just for all those details  http://insidesql.co.uk/getting-there/

Need to ask us a question

Sure, please email PASS London Chapter leader (Neil Hambly)  with your question(s) @ Neil.Hambly@Hotmail.co.uk



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